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How Twpter Works

Last Updated: 12 Jun 2022


1. Overview of Twpter

2. Why Twpter is different from mainstream social media platforms


3. Become a donating member:


Donation: $20 (US) or more


Membership Privileges:

2,000 (Tc), good towards Continued Twpting and sharing (uploading) media at current rates after your intitial Twpter Credits (Tc) are expended.

Donation: "a Generous Amount"


Membership Privileges:

"A Generous Amount" of (Tc), good towards Continued Twpting and sharing (uploading) media at current rates after your intitial Twpter Credits (Tc) are expended.

uploading PDF files

Other access, perks, and advantages not provided to regular members.

4. How the Twpter credit system works

1. Overview of Twpter

Twpter is an Independent Social Media Platform. It is simply a domain name and some various HTML, Java Script and PHP server code ''thrown together'' on a makeshift app-server to form a digital communications platform by a small cadre of underemployed hobbyists and volunteers who are tired of the ''woke'' political censorship and ''cancel culture'' of the mainstream social media platforms.

There are no “Wall Street Suits”, ''Woke'' Silicon Valley tech gurus, or other such unsavory characters behind Twpter that will dictate what you say here on this platform. Only what is legal under the first amendment of the Constitution (and related case law), dictates what you able to say here. The only thing we censor on our own accord is ''Spam'' and blatant advertising (see our Terms of Service for full details on this.)

Twpter works similarly to mainstream social media platforms and website comment sections.

Ubiquitous social media functions such as posting and viewing text comments, casting up-votes and down-votes, sorting comments, hiding comments, and copying a URL link to a specific comment, as well as creating a user biography profile complete with the ability to upload a profile picture / avatar are already built in to Twpter and comprise it's core functionality.

Additional functionality to include multi-media capabilities and other popular amenities that emulate those found on the large, mainstream social media platforms will be added in the future as Twpter grows and generates more user interest.

Creating an account on this service, and using it is free to all; upon acceptance of the Twpter Terms of Service (TOS). Making users agree to this mostly ''boilerplate legalese'' is not our idea of fun or good hospitality, and does not reflect the character of the freewheeling online virtual community we are trying to create here; but it is entirely necessary in the current political climate we find ourselves in.

2. Why Twpter is different from the Mainstream Social Media Platforms

In terms of ''Free'' as in ''Freedom'', the mainstream social media platforms appear to be ''Free'', they claim to be ''Free'', but they actively censor speech, most notably; political speech which their management or stockholders disagree with.

In the monetary sense, they are not ''Free'' either; although they do not charge users money to use their platforms; they openly sell advertising space on their platforms; making them commercial enterprises.

Additionally, the mainstream social media platforms extensively mine YOUR usage data and information YOU provide to create a psychological profile of YOU, based on YOUR activities both on and off of these platforms; this information is then sold to marketers who profit directly from creating ''tailored'' advertisements that are targeted to your psychological profile.

YOUR detailed psychological and demographic user data is also sold to political campaigns, which is then used to ''game'' the democratic process in favor of multinational corporate interests and entrenched ''Technocratic Oligarchies''.

Additionally, this information is also actively collated and packaged by these respective social media platforms, and provided to intelligence and law enforcement agencies around the world; and is a large component of the emerging ''digital surveillance state'' or whatever you want to call it; that is beginning to dominate our lives.

Remember the ''old'' adage: ''If you are not paying for a product; you are the product''.

We are not part of that ecosystem, Twpter operates independently with it's own guiding principles that are fundamentally opposed to the globalist agenda of the multinational corporate interests and the “Rising Technocratic Oligarchy”.

Accordingly, Twpter does not have access to the shower of virtually limitless capital and funding that made the mainstream social media platforms the behemoths they are today; nor do we seek that source of funding; because it would involve “selling our souls” to those same “dark forces” that are driving the dehumanizing, totalitarian, globalist agenda that we all rail against, and which brought us here, to the genesis of Twpter.

3. Become a donating member

Even though Twpter is entirely created and run by underemployed volunteers and hobbyists who enjoy the technical challenges of creating this online, virtual community; it costs real money to pay for web-hosting services and related operating expenses.

Therefore, we have devised a structured, voluntary, donation program.

Donations are only accepted in the form of CASH (U.S. Dollars or Euros) or new, unused, U.S. Postage stamps, (first class letter, or ''forever'' stamps only). We do not accept checks, money orders, or credit / debit cards or any other financial instruments.

Q: Why don't you accept credit cards or checks?
A: Look at what happened to other independent social media platforms who accepted credit cards and checks.

Single donations in excess of $20.00 (Twenty Dollars US) in value are not advised or recommended.

Twpter credits are issued at a rate of 100 for each $1 (One Dollar US) donation

Donations are only accepted by US Mail, UPS, FedEx and DHL, no private courier services.

Send your donation and correspondence in a suitable, non-transparent envelope with precautions made so that the contents of the envelope can not be seen from the outside.

Send it to the following address / in care of:

TWPTER Social Media - C/O
AH&H Web Services
14396 FM 1458 RD
Sealy TX 77474-7690

IMPORTANT ! Include a Twpter Username and Join Date (listed on the Update My Profile page, or View User Page) to ensure that the donation is properly credited to the user account of your choice.

You are not required or advised to provide any personal information in your correspondence materials other than the Twpter Username (with Join Date) that you want the enclosed donation to be credited to.

Correspondence will ONLY be acknowledge by crediting the included donation to the specified user account. NO OTHER acknowledgment, return correspondence or response letters will be provided. Please allow 7 – 10 days for user donations to be processed and accounts to be credited.

Donations are non refundable for any reason, and are not tax deductible. User credits are non-transferable. Any dispute regarding donations will be settled by award of user credits ONLY, and not to exceed 2000 credits in any case. NO cash refunds whatsoever. User credits have no cash value.

Proof of U.S. Postal Service Mail delivery to Twpter Social Media, 12 March 2021 (see jpg image below)

Proof of U.S. Postal Service Mail delivery to Twpter Social Media 12 March 2021

4. How the Twpter Credit system works

When you register as a new user on Twpter, your user account is issued 250 starting ''credits''. You may replenish your user account as often as you like as per the instructions listed above.

Twpter credits are issued at a rate of 100 for each $1 (One Dollar US) donation

Browsing our website and affiliate websites and viewing comments, and casting votes on them involves no use of credits at all, and is thus unlimited.

Posting comments, uploading pictures and most other ''posting'' activities that involve sending / uploading data to be stored on our server, which will be displayed to other users requires the expenditure of these ''credits''.

Social Media Activity Schedule:

Up-votes and Down-votes: No Charge*
*but in order to have the right to vote you must have a
200 (Tc) minimum balance when you log on.

Posting a Comment : 1 (Tc)

Direct Messaging other users: 1 (Tc)

Uploading or Changing a user profile picture: 10 (Tc)

Uploading a Picture on any page: 10 (Tc)

Uploading a MP4 Video : 25 (Tc)

Note: This schedule is subject to change without notice.