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Twpter Privacy & Cookies Policy

Last Updated: 01 Dec 2022 

This service utilizes standard SSL encryption / SSL security certificates.

 You have little or no reasonable expectation of privacy while using this platform.

Any and all information you post or communicate through this platform may be intercepted by others and be stored, re-posted, or re-transmitted to other parties, including government agencies and law enforcement organizations.

''A word to the wise'': interception of all information sent over the internet or by phone, by government authorities, particularly the United States Government via the NSA is a ''given'' whether a website has SSL encryption or not.

This service only collects information about users and their access devices (computers, phones, tablets etc.) to allow the platform and connected websites to technically function; this includes cookies to remember user preferences, IP addresses for user tracking and proper page display, Session ID for proper comment posting, storage and retrieval and other pieces of technical ''metadata'' that allow the platform to provide an enjoyable user experience. This information is not sold, leased, rented or otherwise provided to any third parties for any reason (except in the unlikely event of a valid court order), and is not used for advertising purposes.